Data Essentials

Take your first steps into the world of Data!

Data Essentials

Data is the foundation of all systems, software, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc. This training is the first step that aims to prepare you to be an informed and effective practitioner in the data field. The training provides the primary tools and skills to learn core data concepts, understand the types of data and basic data management considerations.

Data Essentials will cover a variety of topics that are critical for working in this field and are defined it to give you an introduction and overview as you begin to build relevant knowledge and skills.

After completing Data Essentials you will be prepared to successfully enter into the second level in the Data sphere that will be provided in the next period (October).

What you will learn

After successfully finishing the training, you will learn:

  • Using Structured Query Language – SQL;

  • Databases, Tables, Data Types;

  • The basics of Python and Python syntax;

  • Determining and Converting Data Types;

  • Flow Control (Conditions and Loops);

  • Functions, Collections, Working With Files;

  • Connect Python with MS SQL Server.

  • Databases, Data Types SQL, DDL;
  • Query foundations, Data filtering, logical operators;
  • Relations (joins), sets;
  • Aggregate functions, grouping Data
  • Temporary memory, object constraints, keys.
  • Python Introduction
  • Python IDE’s
  • Python Flow Control
  • Python Functional Programing
  • Python Modules
Python & MS SQL Server
Payment method

The method of payment is in cash.


According to attendance, activity, tasks, homework and test results, candidates will get a Certificate for "Successfully completed training" or Certificate for "Attended training".

Required skills

This training is for beginners, no previous knowledge is required! In order to successfully follow the training, knowledge of the English language at an appropriate level is required.

Mitko Kinov

Mitko Kinov is Data Analyst with solid experience in data analytics field. Host of divergent ways of thinking and being about life, nature, society and space lead me to the gate of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. As a lifelong learner Mitko is always in knowledge pursuit in different technologies and scientific fields which enables him to deliver integrated solutions. He has wide base of skills across different areas, starting with: SQL, Python, Power BI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Database Development, CAD Design and Robotics.


Igor Kirovski

Igor Kirovski is a computer engineer who graduated on the Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering (FINKI) - UKIM, Skopje. From the very beginning, he started his career in the field of working with data and databases in an international company. In the last 6 years, he has been actively working on complex foreign projects as a consultant in the field of databases. Some of the larger industries he worked for are: Healthcare, Banking, Marketing and Transportation. He continues his education at the same faculty, master studies for Intelligent Systems.


  • 210€

  • Start


  • Duration

    1 month

  • Dynamics

    3 meetings per week for 2 hours

  • Location


  • Language

    Macedonian, English

  • Remaining places


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