Microservices with Java Comprehensive Training

Revolutionize Your Development Journey: Master Microservices with Java, Empowering Scalable and Agile Applications!

Microservices with Java Comprehensive Training

IT industry is moving towards Microservices, and by far Spring offers the best solution to create cloud ready, enterprise web and mobile microservice applications.

Learning the Microservice architectures in this training will enable you to create scalable, flexible, and resilient distributed applications. After completing this training, you will be ready to design and build your own microservices applications, and identify which technologies and practices are a good fit in your context.

As a growing standard, you will need this introduction to microservices architecture and will help you to expand existing developer skills. We offer Microservices with Java Comprehensive Training that will meet your needs.

The candidates will work on a real project that will allow them to apply the concepts and theories they will learn in a practical setting. We believe that hands-on experience is essential in fostering a deep understanding of the subject matter and preparing them for real-world challenges. This training is for all, who want to learn Microservices for their next job.

What you will learn

After successfully finishing the training, you will learn:

  • Build Modern Web Applications with Spring Boot and Spring Frameworks;

  • Dependency Injection;

  • Aspect Oriented Programming;

  • Object Oriented Programming Design Patterns;

  • Design and Develop RESTful Web Services;

  • Use DTO Pattern and MapStruct;

  • ORM with JPA and Hibernate;

  • Exception Handling, Validating Incoming Payloads;

  • Document APIs with OpenAPI (Swagger);

  • APIs Versioning, Logging, Monitoring;

  • Consume RESTful Web Services;

  • Use Spring Boot DevTools;

  • Secure APIs with Spring Security;

  • Unit and Integration Testing with JUnit;

  • Design and Develop Microservices.

  • Algorithms;
  • Design Patterns.
  • Dependency Injection;
  • Aspect Oriented Programming;
  • RESTful Web Services;
  • Security.
  • JPА;
  • Hibernate;
  • Spring Data - JPA.
  • JUnit;
  • Mockito;
  • Assertions;
  • Using H2 In-Memory Data Base (for testing purposes).
  • Domain – Driven Design Overview;
  • Configuration Load balancing;
  • Dynamic scaling;
  • API Gateway;
  • Fault Tolerance;
  • Communication;
  • Containers with Docker.
Develop Real Mini Project from Scratch
Payment method

Payment for the training can be in cash or divided in three monthly payments. For payment in cash, we give you 10% discount of the total price 960€.


According to attendance, activity, tasks, homework and test results, candidates will get a Certificate for "Successfully completed training" or Certificate for "Attended training".

Required skills

Object and Functional Oriented Programming with JavaSE, Eclipse (or other IDE), Apache Maven, RDBMS and JDBC. Data Formats: JSON, XML, YAML, Network Protocols: HTTP(S), Version Control Systems: Git, Containerization: Docker, TDD, CI/CD, Contract Firs Principles, English Language.

Dean Joshevski

During his professional engagement, which officially starts back in 2000, his interests are mainly focused on designing, organizing and conducting trainings, in many areas in IT Industry. He manages the ⋮IW Education Center, also works as IT Consultant, and is author of several books in the field of ICT. He is always focused on acquiring new knowledge and that is why he often spends his free time hanging out with books. He mostly relaxes walking with his four-legged friend. His personal motto is “Invest in your education, invest in your future”


  • 960€/ 320€ monthly

  • Start


  • Duration

    3 months

  • Dynamics

    2 meetings per week for 2 hours

  • Location

  • Language

    Macedonian, English

  • Remaining places


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