Master HTML & CSS for Stunning Websites!


Every website that we visit is constructed with HTML and CSS. These two languages are the first and most important languages you must learn if you want to begin with web development. This training provides all the essentials of HTML and CSS. You will learn all about HTML tags, text elements, images, attributes, hyperlinks and HTML structure.

Afterwards we will move on to CSS and you will learn how to style your web pages. In this training you will learn how to make well structured static webpages. This HTML & CSS Training is perfect for beginners but also for candidates with previous knowledge in this area if they want to freshen up their skills.

Note: There may be changes in the start date.

What you will learn

After successfully finishing the training, you will learn:

  • The basics of HTML;

  • Text elements, Images and Attributes, Hyperlinks;

  • CSS basics;

  • Selectors, Pseudo - classes and Pseudo - elements, Floats, Flex;

  • Bootstrap;

  • Front - end development tools.

Front – end development tools
  • HTML Tags
  • Text Elements
  • Images and Attributes
  • Hyperlinks
  • Structuring our Page
  • Inline, Internal and External CSS
  • Class and ID Selectors
  • Combining Selectors
  • Pseudo-classes
  • Pseudo-elements
  • Using Floats
  • A Flexbox Overview
  • CSS Grid Overview
Responsive design
Payment method

Payment method can be in cash or divided in two monthly payments. For payment in cash, we give you 10% discount of the total price 285€.



According to attendance, activity, tasks, homework and test results, candidates will get a Certificate for "Successfully completed training" or Certificate for "Attended training".

Required skills

This training is for beginners, no previous knowledge is required!

Keti Stojanoska Anastasoska

Expert in front-end design and development of web pages. Lecturer of the trainings "HTML&CSS" and "JavaScript"


Aleksandra Naceska

Expert in front-end design and development of web pages. She has been working in the field of front-end design for more than 7 years focused on developing web pages, applications using React and Angular. Lecturer of the training "Development of web pages - HTML, CSS and JavaScript" and several trainings related to the field of Front-end and React.


  • 285€/ 143€ monthly

  • Start


  • Duration

    2.5 months

  • Dynamics

    2 meetings per week for 2 hours

  • Location


  • Language

    Macedonian, English

  • Remaining places


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