System Integration with SnapLogic Comprehensive Training

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System Integration with SnapLogic Comprehensive Training

You are interested to learn how to connect different systems into one? You want to integrate different size data from different sources and environments but you don`t know how? You want to work on a platform used by Adobe, Verzion, AstraZeneca and many other big companies?

Explore this field and gain more SnapLogic product knowledge. Be part of the small number of those who have practical knowledge in this area and start building your future in the world of integrations. Additionally, the training will give you the foundation to master any other tool of its kind (TIBCO, MuleSoft).

What you will learn

After successfully completing the training, through practical examples, exercises and group work, candidates will have the opportunity to acquire the following knowledge and skills:

  • Integration knowledge;

  • Experience with the SnapLogic integration tool;

  • Knowledge of basic and advanced data structures(XML и ЈSON);

  • Skills in using SOAP and REST services in SnapLogic;

  • Ability to develop RESTful web services in SnapLogic;

  • Ability to use Git versioning tools with SnapLogic;

  • Increased vocabulary with useful programming constructs;

  • Snaplex configuration capability;

  • Knowledge of using Apache Velocity at SnapLogic;

  • Knowledge of JavaScript usage in SnapLogic;

  • Advanced knowledge of SCD.

What is Integration?
What is SnapLogic?
SnapLogic Architecture
Key Terms & Concepts
Working with Snaps and Pipelines
Working with Functions and Properties
Executing a Pipeline in Designer
Monitoring a Pipeline
Disccusing SnapLogic and real scenarios with examples
Log and types of logging
Error Handling
Data Flow & Pipeline Reusability
Payment method

Payment for the training can be in cash or divided in two monthly payments. For payment in cash, we give you 10% discount of the total price 44.650den.


According to attendance, activity, tasks, homework and test results, candidates will get a Certificate for "Successfully completed training" or Certificate for "Attended training".

Required skills

Prior knowledge in the field of WebServices - REST/SOAP, data structures XML/JSON, basic concepts of object programming, JavaScript, Relational Databases, SQL (DDL, Stored Procedures, Join). Required skills and knowledge you can acquire in The Academy .

Andrej Bogdanovski

Expert in the field of system integration, with special emphasis on using the SnapLogic platform.


  • 22.325 den./monthly

  • Start
  • Duration

    2 months

  • Dynamics

    3 meetings per week for 2 hours

  • Remaining places


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