The IT industry needs are ever-changing with challenging innovations. We offer IT transformation for every person who wants to learn and acquire new skills with commitment and following our programs.

Everyone who leads his/her career in this direction, and has no knowledge in this area we offer training in Software development and computer science. With the IT Essentials training you will gain basic knowledge if you want to start a successful career as a programmer, integrator or quality assurance. Learn the easiest and fastest way to master the necessary basics.

The next, main phase offers the opportunity for IT transformation and a chance for employment by attending the Software Development and Computer Science Academy. We created this Academy in order to help you master all the necessary knowledge and skills to get the opportunity to be employed in the IT industry.

After completing the Academy you have the opportunity to make a choice in which direction your career in IT will move. By following the Comprehensive trainings, you determine the direction in which you want to move professionally. We offer Comprehensive integration training with SnapLogic, Comprehensive Quality Assurance Training, Comprehensive Data Analysis Training, and more. Upon completion of one of the Comprehensive training you will have all the necessary knowledge and skills for employment as an IT Consultant.

We offer specialized trainings and programs for people who already work in the IT industry, but are interested in upgrading and improving their knowledge and skills on a higher level. Achieve your ultimate goal and go beyond existing standards creating your own interpretations.

Start your IT transformation with us and make sure you achieve your personal and professional goals. Upskill yourself and enhance your further professional development.