The digital age is upon us. We created this valuable education roadmap for candidates who wish to gain skills related to Web Design and Front – End software development. To start working as a web developer, take the trainings from our roadmap and become Front – End Expert.

The basis of all webpages are the HTML and CSS. Learning how to use these technologies should be first step to creating well-designed static webpages.

HTML & CSS training provides fundamentals for creating well-designed static webpages. After acquiring knowledge for these technologies you will be able to continue to explore dynamic side of effective website, through the next phase of this roadmap.

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JavaScript is the most important language of the modern Web. The dynamic actions inside of a browser are always made with JavaScript. This language is used for Back – End development too. Each successful developer should be familiar with this language, especially with its newest versions (ES6+). After completing this training you are set to go to the next level, and learn the framework based on this language which is the most required these days – React.

In this training you will learn the fundamental concepts about React and will be able to build modern web applications. This framework is flexible, fast, easy to learn and fun to work with. After completing this training, you will have the necessary knowledge skills to create React projects, and you can start searching for your first job as a Front – End developer.

This is the Expert level. Before fulfilling this training , you should already know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. In this masterclass training you will learn advanced React concepts and best practices when work with React. After completing this training, you’ll possess knowledge and skills as an Expert in this field. You will be able to work alone or lead a team.

Upskill yourself and enhance your further professional development.