3D Graphics Masterclass

Unlock the World of 3D: Transform Your Vision into Reality!

3D Graphics Masterclass

Learning a 3D software is not just a fun and creative experience but it is also a skill that is high in demand.  The 3D computer graphics have become an inseparable part of our modern lifestyle and it’s applied in many industries such as entertainment (movies, games, etc.), marketing and advertising, art and design, architecture, education and many more.

This training program is designed to get you started with the world in 3D Graphics in a fun and interactive way and provide you with a solid foundation that you can build your skills upon. We will use the Blender software, but the techniques are carefully selected to be applicable to all 3D software.

We will embark on a journey through the realms of computer-generated imagery, exploring the principles, techniques, and tools used to create captivating three-dimensional visuals. Whether you’re a budding artist, a game developer, a graphic designer, or simply someone fascinated by the magic of virtual worlds, this training will equip you with knowledge and skills to bring your imagination to life.

Throughout our exploration, we will delve into various aspects of 3D graphics, we started with underlying mathematical concepts that form the backbone of digital rendering to continue with the practical application of industry-standard software and tools. By the end of this training, you will have a solid foundation in 3D graphics and be well on your way to creating stunning visuals of your own.

Get ready to step into a world of boundless imagination, where your ideas can transcend reality and take shape in breathtaking 3D. Let’s embark on this exhilarating journey together!

The training tuition is priced at 1220€, but in celebration of our 5th anniversary, you can secure enrollment with 500€ discount and with a special discounted price of 720€.

More details regarding the payment method and training certificates, you can find here.


Program start:








3 months

2 meetings per week for 2 hours


English, Macedonian

240€ monthly

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What you will learn
  • Introduction to Blender’s Interface and Navigation;
  • Introduction to 3D Geometry; .
  • Introduction to the Basic Tools and Modifiers for 3D modeling;
  • Introduction to Texturing and UV Unwrapping;
  • Introduction to Materials;
  • Introduction to Keyframe Animation;
  • Introduction to Lightning and Rendering;
  • Introduction to Postproduction editing;
  • Creating Complex 3d Models with Correct Topology;
  • Texturing and UV Unwrapping of Complex 3D Models;
  • Creating PBR Materials and Texture Baking;
  • Working with Animation Curves in Graph Editor;
  • Creating Renders for Product and Architectural Visualizations.


A Curriculum for Success

  • Introduction to vertices, edges and polygons;

  • Extrude,
  • Bevel,
  • Loop,
  • Cut, etc;

  • Mirror,
  • Subdivision Surface,
  • Array, etc.

  • Creation of metal, plastic, glass etc.

  • Creating a mobile phone - full process from start to finish.

  • Soft Surface Modeling.
  • Complete process of creation a photorealistic sofa including camera matching, modeling, UV unwrap, texturing, lightning and rendering of the sofa.

  • Hard Surface Modeling.
  • Modeling of a complex car rim.

  • Bouncing ball animation.
  • Working with motion curves in Graph editor.

  • Product visualization.

  • Architectural visualization.


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