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Android Masterclass – Transforming Enthusiasts into App Innovators!

Android Masterclass

Java and Kotlin are among the most widely utilized programming languages, dominating the field of Android application development and experiencing significant growth in recent times.

Start your Android mastery journey with our comprehensive masterclass program. Beginning with a thorough introduction to Java and Kotlin, participants will explore fundamental concepts such as variables, loops, conditions, functions, and the foundational principles of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). This initial phase lays the groundwork for Android development, providing essential knowledge to navigate the dynamic world of mobile app creation.

Following the foundational phase, participants will transition to applying their acquired knowledge through practical exercises, culminating in the creation of a basic Instagram-like application. This hands-on approach enables learners to use their understanding into tangible results, fostering a deep comprehension of Android development intricacies.

Beyond Java and Kotlin, our masterclass is designed to nurture critical problem-solving skills crucial for success in Android development. Through a combination of theoretical insights and practical exercises, participants will emerge not only with technical expertise but also with a well-rounded skill set ready to tackle the diverse challenges inherent in the Android development landscape.

The training tuition is priced at 540€. We offer two payment options for your convenience: cash payment and monthly installments.

More details regarding the payment method and training certificates, you can find here.


Program start:








2.5 months

2 meetings per week for 2 hours


English, Macedonian

180€ monthly

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What you will learn
  • Introduction to Java and Kotlin;
  • Introduction to Android;
  • Hello World Project;
  • Activities, Fragments and life-cycle;
  • Imperative vs Declarative approach;
  • JetPack Compose;
  • Services, Content Providers and Receivers;
  • Databases and Room;
  • Dependency injection;
  • Localization and internationalization;
  • App with basic features from Instagram.


A Curriculum for Success

  • Introduction and setup of environment
  • Android studio & SDK tools
  • Hello world application
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Variables
  • Control flow
  • Loops
  • Operations
  • Functions and lambdas
  • Objects
  • Methods
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Interfaces and abstract classes
  • Constructors and garbage collection
  • Data Structures (collections and generics)
  • Null safety
  • Threads and coroutines
  • Exception handling.

  • Android project structure
  • Debugging and AVD
  • Widgets & XML Layouts
  • Jetpack Compose
  • Recycler View and LazyColumn
  • Efficient module bundling with Gradle
  • Optimizing performance and resource utilization
  • Develop readable and maintainable code
  • Android Architecture Patterns
  • Android components
  • Navigation
  • Android libs like Retrofit, Glide, Dagger, RxJava, Lottie
  • Android permissions
  • Android limitations
  • Use broadcast receiver and sensor data
  • Layout-based UI vs JetPack Compose
  • Imperative vs declarative
  • JetPack Compose
  • Recomposition
  • MVVM
  • Room
  • Firebase.

  • Instagram-like application
  • Define the scope of the app
  • Registration and Login
  • Manage user profiles
  • Create posts text and photos
  • Follow and like functionality
  • List posts from following users
  • Fix bugs and polish the app
  • Recap on the whole course.


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