Unity Summer Game Design

Unity Summer Game Design

Become a Game Creator with Unity This Summer!

Calling all aspiring game developers! This summer program transforms you into a junior game maker using Unity, a powerful game engine.

Here’s what you’ll learn in 10 days:

Craft Your Game World: Navigate Unity’s interface and grasp key game design concepts.
Code Like a Pro: Dive into the basics of C# programming, the language behind many games. You’ll learn core coding skills to bring your game to life.
Make it Move! Learn how to add movement, interaction, and excitement to your game.

Bonus Level: Unlock the Power of AR!

This program also offers an exciting introduction to Augmented Reality (AR). Discover how to blend the digital and real worlds, creating mind-blowing AR experiences in your games!

No prior experience is necessary!  Our expert instructors will guide you in a fun and supportive environment, helping you explore and experiment with confidence. We offer two payment options for your convenience: cash payment and we give you 10% discount of the total price, or two monthly installments. More details regarding the payment method and training certificates, you can find here.

This program is designed for ages 15-18, so you’ll learn alongside peers at your skill level.

Ready to unleash your game-making creativity? Sign up today!

Final date to apply:









2 weeks

Every day for 1.5 hour



8.900 den

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What you will learn
  • Master the Fundamentals of Unity.
  • Unlock the Power of C# Scripting.
  • Demystify Augmented Reality (AR).
  • Use C# scripts to respond to user input and manipulate AR objects in real-time.
  • Master positioning and scaling digital objects to create engaging AR experiences.
  • Project: From Creation to Completion.


A Curriculum for Success


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