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⋮IW Education Center

⋮IW Education Center or ⋮IWEC is the first educational center in the region and beyond, which offers people of all ages to acquire technological skills with its different, better and comprehensive program that is the result of research and experience of our professionals. As a non-formal educational institution we offer a wide range of trainings in the field of Information Technology for adults, children and youth.

Adopting to the changes in the world, the courses are according to the interests, prior knowledge and goals of the candidates. They will provide the beginners with the opportunity for career transformation by gaining the basics in the field of computer technology, afterwards they will get to know with the opportunities and directions in which they want to continue their upgrading and specialization for the candidates who are already part of this field professionally. These courses aim to bring together and transfer IWConnect’s extensive experience and expertise as a leading company in the region in the field of software development.

Children and youth are also included in our Education Center. While programming, children develop their logical thinking, innovative spirit, creativity and become mathematicians, engineers, storytellers and better problem solvers. For that purpose, we organize and implement courses according to their age.

We want to provide world -class education and courses to every candidate and to open the door to tomorrow`s leaders through optimal utilization of cutting -edge technology.


Our mission is to connect the theory and experience we have in a cohesive educational process, which will transform careers by acquiring relevant and recognizable skills and competencies.


Our vision is to define and raise the standard for quality IT staff in our country and to create an environment in which young people will want to live, work and earn. This is achievable by constantly and significantly raising the level of knowledge, as well as focusing and acquiring the principles of computer science.

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