Academy for Back-end Software Development with Java

Academy for Back-end Software Development with Java

Our academy is designed to transform all aspiring developers into skilled professionals in the dynamic world of back-end software development. Throughout the training program, students will delve into the core principles and advanced techniques of Java programming, learning different types of tools and frameworks. The Academy consists of 3 modules.

The first introductory module lays the foundation for your journey into the dynamic world of software development. You will unravel the intricacies of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and explore SCRUM methodologies, master the art of task management using JIRA. Dive into the world of Java programming, from the basics until you elevate your Java skills with an exploration of functional programming through lambda expressions and functional interfaces. We will enter the realm of databases with a focus on relational databases and SQL. The second module covers a comprehensive range of topics essential for creating robust and efficient web applications. The last, third module will help you not only to sharpen your technical acumen but also equips you with the interpersonal finesse required to excel in today’s dynamic and collaborative work environments.

Today businesses rely on web applications and data-driven systems, the demand for this type of skilled backend developers is expected to grow even more in future. Gaining knowledge and skills in backend technologies will open doors to a wide range of job opportunities. Whether you’re interested in e-commerce, finance, health, or any other area, the need for strong backend systems is universal in every aspect.

Our Academy is your gateway to a successful career in back-end software development. With its comprehensive curriculum, in a combination with experienced instructors, and hands-on approach, you’ll be very well-equipped to hit the ground running and make a mark in this field.

The academy tuition is priced at 2650€, but in celebration of our 5th anniversary, you can secure enrollment with 500€ discount and with a special discounted price of 2150€.

More details regarding the payment method and academy certificates, you can find here.

Final date to apply:









9 months

2 meetings per week for 3 hours


English, Macedonian

240€ monthly

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What you will learn
  • Agile development, SDLC, SCRUM principles, and JIRA,
  • Git as a powerful version control system widely used in software development,
  • Object Oriented Programming with Java,
  • Lambda expressions, Functional Interfaces, Stream API, Multithreading and Concurrency,
  • Database fundamentals and SQL Server operations,
  • SQL language components, including Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation Language, Data Query Language, and Data Control Language,
  • INNER JOIN, OUTER JOIN, and FULL JOIN for combining data from multiple tables,
  • NoSQL databases, with a specific focus on MongoDB,
  • Maven for efficient dependency management and application packaging,
  • JDBC, covering connection management, ResultSet, Statement and PreparedStatement,
  • Design Patterns: Singleton, Factory Method, Template Method, Adapter, Facade, Observer...
  • Network protocols, web services, and API management,
  • Front-end development and RESTful web services,
  • Robust and scalable applications with Spring Framework and Spring Boot,
  • Implement RESTful services, and SOAP protocol for building web services,
  • Modern development practices, security protocols, testing methodologies, and containerization techniques,
  • Communication skills, setting SMART goals and time management


A Curriculum for Success

  • Intro (SDLC, SCRUM, JIRA);
  • Version Control System
  • Object Oriented Programming with Java
  • Functional Programming and Concurrency with Java
  • Relational Databases, SQL
  • Data Representation
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Build Tools
  • JDBC
  • Design Patterns

  • Network Protocols, Web Services and API Management
  • Front - End Overview and Consuming REST Web Services
  • Spring Framework and Spring Boot
  • Spring MVC, REST and SOAP
  • Exception Handling, Validation, Monitoring…
  • ORM Principles
  • Testing
  • Security
  • Containerization
  • AI Development Demo

  • Communication skills and business communication
  • SMART goals, planning and time management
  • Work ethics, company culture and conflict resolution


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