How to kick-start a career in the IT industry?

January 24, 2023
 | 3 min

If you are considering entering the job market or changing your career, the most important matter is to think about your personal potential, your interests and finally decide on which path you would like to direct your personal development.

The IT industry offers a lot of possibilities to grow in various areas. That is why it is important to define the technical skills you would like to focus on. Would you like to be a programmer, a designer, tester integrator, administrator or something else? To answer this important question, it is best you conduct some research. Discover what the professionals from these areas work on the most, and what they consider to be a burden. Every profession has obligations that are not that attractive, and others that are considered as challenges and offer pleasure. After you discover which type of job you are attracted to, you will enjoy the learning process 😊

But how to choose the proper way of learning?

After you pick the field in which you want to direct your professional development, you will need to begin the learning process. This process for the professionals of the IT industry basically never stops. Client requests, programming languages, tools, techniques, i.e., technology, are all constantly changing and continuously developing. That is why you need to be prepared in advance to excel continually and learn intensively.

Today there are many ways to get the necessary knowledge in the IT industry. We will list a few:

Traditional formal education

Even though a college degree is not a precondition to get a job in most of the IT companies, still the appropriate academic education offers the necessary theoretical basics for so called IT thinking, algorithms, data structures, computer networks etc. For young people this is a great way to overcome the basis of theory that will help them upgrade their technical skills and advance in their career.

Individual learning

Through individual learning you can save money, but also you will need to plan on investing more time and energy. The internet is an excellent source of online courses and various materials, like books, examples, tutorials, videos etc. Because of the turbulences occurring in the IT industry at a fast pace, it often occurs that certain languages, tools, requests etc., are defined as obsolete after only a few months. Because of this you need to be very careful when you start learning and make sure the materials are accurate and up to date. It is also essential not to get wrong habits like using old languages, tools, or techniques.

Nonformal education

Educational centers, through specialized courses, offer the necessary theoretical knowledge, but also enable practical work on certain tasks and actual problems. This way you can get a closer feel of the everyday work of a developer, and shortly after finishing this type of training you can become part of the IT industry fast. Specialized courses help students learn faster and usually last a couple of months. To successfully conquer the needed theoretical knowledge and gain practical skills during the courses you will need to engage in interactive work which often includes teamwork. This type of learning in the world is known to be the best and fastest to gain and develop the necessary skills which will give the candidates appropriate employment.

Finally, let’s not forget soft skills. The need to communicate with team members and clients requires such skills because they are an inevitable part of everyday work.

Are you still not sure how you can start a career in IT? Are you looking for answers on the roadmap to a successful career in this industry? Join us for a 20 minute master class focused on explaining how you can become part of one of the most popular industries today.

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