Meet Maja Avramovikj our Instructor on the trainings for children and youth growth

April 1, 2024
 | 3 min

Maja is an experienced IT educator with more than 12 years of experience in educating children. She has been part of the ⋮IWEC team since the beginning, significantly contributing to the development of children and youth in the world of IT in several different disciplines. Our collaboration not only marks a significant achievement, it is but a testament to her commitment to empowering children to embrace, successfully enter and adapt to the world of technology. Learning never stops with Maja. Successfully realized over 20 trainings both for children and youth , with more than 100 students. We have asked her a couple of questions. Read in our blog and get to know her better.

What sparked your passion for teaching IT skills to children?

Firstly, my innate love for technology has always driven me to explore its potential and share that excitement with others. Witnessing the natural curiosity and adaptability of children, I recognized the profound impact that early exposure to IT skills could have on their future success. Furthermore, in today’s increasingly digitized world, I saw a pressing need to equip children with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate and thrive in this technology-driven landscape.

Reflecting on your journey, what are the most memorable moments you’ve had while teaching IT trainings to children over the past five years in IWEC?

Looking back on my teaching experiences with IWEC over the past five years, one of the most memorable moments is witnessing students who initially felt scared or uncertain about coding gradually gain confidence. It’s incredibly rewarding to see their transformation as they successfully resolve challenging coding problems. These moments highlight the power of encouragement and the growth mindset in fostering student success.

How has the world of IT education for children changed in your 12 years of experience?

Over my 12 years in IT education for children, I’ve witnessed remarkable changes in the field. One notable evolution is the shift towards more interactive and experiential learning approaches. Traditional methods of IT education have given way to dynamic coding workshops and learning platforms that engage students on a deeper level.  Additionally, the proliferation of online resources and educational tools has democratized access to IT education, allowing children from diverse backgrounds to learn and collaborate virtually.

Beyond technical knowledge, what are some valuable life skills you aim to instill in your students?

My goal as an IT educator is to cultivate essential life skills in my students. While proficiency in coding and digital design is crucial, I believe skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, adaptability, and resilience are equally vital. By incorporating project-based learning and real-world applications into IT lessons, I provide students with opportunities to develop these skills in context. Whether it’s tackling a challenging coding problem or collaborating on a group project, my aim is to nurture a mindset of curiosity, creativity, and continuous learning that will serve them well beyond the realm of IT.

For parents considering IT education options for their children, what advice would you offer?

Begin early by introducing children to age-appropriate IT concepts and activities to foster familiarity and interest. Encourage exploration and experimentation, allowing children to discover their passions within the vast realm of IT. Support interdisciplinary learning by recognizing the interconnectedness of IT with other subjects and encouraging cross-disciplinary exploration. Finally, foster a growth mindset by emphasizing the value of perseverance, resilience, and continuous learning in the pursuit of IT skills and knowledge.

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