Meet Marija Dimitrovska our Instructor on the training Modern Management Methods

February 17, 2023
 | 3 min

Marija started her career as part of the Business enablement department at ⋮IWConnect where she works daily on project management using Atlassian tools.

She has worked on many projects in different industries, and as part of the ⋮IW Education Center she is an Instructor of the Training “Modern Management Methods” and successfully helps candidates to cope with organizing, managing and following different methods and techniques of work using the range of Atlassian products. By nature, she is a person who wants to explore new things, and the IT industry offers countless opportunities and challenges in that direction. Those opportunities and challenges brought her the title of Certified Scrum master and Accredited project manager. Following is her entire story.

How did your interest in project management arise in you? How did it all begin?

I must say I wasn’t always involved in project management. When I was finishing college project management, as we know it today, or IT wasn’t even a thing :)My career began as a teacher. But one day we started working on different projects at the school I worked, and I became more and more interested in project management. One thing led to another, I started taking on courses, invested many hours in self-development and ended up spreading all the knowledge I gained.

Why is it important to learn project management in IT?

Project managers can work in almost any industry, not just in IT. Knowledge of project management involves delivering a variety of projects and learning about various approaches. These might include:

•             Agile

•             Scrum

•             Kanban

•             Lean

Whether to conduct a marketing campaign, build a building, develop a computer system, project managers lead entire teams, set project goals, communicate with stakeholders, and complete a project.

How easy it is for people to find work after they advance their skills in project management?

Project management skills are flexible to almost any environment, while the subject can be learned in the workplace.  These skills can help you take winning projects to the end.

What is your advice for people considering enrolling in the course?

Everyone should be wondering why they want to attend a course, and what do they want out of the course. It’s good to be prepared for any new experiences or development skills.

Last but not least, favorite motivational quote you use before making an important decision?

“Life is about choices. Some we regret, some we’re proud of. Some will haunt us forever. The message: we are what we chose to be.”– Graham Brown

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