The Success Story of Emilija Nedanovska at ⋮IWEC

August 18, 2023
 | 3 min

⋮IWEC is a place where knowledge meets opportunity and dreams are transformed into reality. Over the years, we have been a catalyst for countless success stories, empowering individuals to shape a brighter future in the world of Information Technology. From novices to experts, our diverse range of programs and expert guidance have nurtured talent and unlocked potential, giving rise to remarkable achievements. Join us as we delve into one of our inspiring success stories, the story of Emilija Nedanovska.

What motivated you to pursue a career in IT and choose to study IT trainings?

My motivation to pursue a career in IT stems from my need to prove myself to me. An industry that offers so many opportunities and choices is a logical choice for a person who loves challenges. This is a rapidly changing field and to stay current you must be continuously investing in your knowledge and skills. This is where the IT trainings prove invaluable.

How did you end up choosing ⋮IWEC?

I chose ⋮IWEC because of all the inspiring stories I’ve come across of students who succeeded in reaching their goals thanks to the comprehensive ⋮IWEC training programs. These stories ensured me of the effectiveness that ⋮IWEC courses hold and motivated me to believe in my own success.

Which IT trainings did you complete at our education center? Did you get the guidance you needed during the trainings? 

I have successfully completed the Preparatory Training for Software Development and the Academy of Computer Science and Software Development. Throughout this period, I was actively developing my knowledge and skills and the trainings provided me with all the essential support and guidance I needed. The preparatory training introduced me to fundamental concepts, laying the foundation for developing my IT expertise. On the other hand, the academy was a deep dive into the world of IT, offering immersive, practical hands-on exercises and allowing me to gain invaluable experience.

You got employed at ⋮IWConnect. Do you think that the trainings helped you get the job?

Undoubtedly, the trainings at ⋮IWEC played a crucial role for my employment at ⋮IWConnect, especially when considering my lack of formal education in IT before. These courses equipped me with essential skills and comprehensive knowledge needed to become an IT professional. Thanks to ⋮IWEC training programs, I established a strong foundation in IT that enables me to contribute effectively to IWConnect’s projects.

What advice would you give to people considering pursuing a career in IT?

Whether you are an analytical or creative thinker you can always find your spot in the IT industry. With its vast array of options and possibilities it could offer the perfect IT profession for everyone. Nowadays, IT trainings became so widely accessible that it only requires a strong determination to succeed as an IT professional. However, it is crucial to ensure that you genuinely care about the job you’re pursuing and to find a sense of purpose in it. Only by truly caring about the impact you have on businesses, communities or individuals, you can stay motivated to grow and succeed professionally.

At ⋮IWEC, we take immense pride in the achievements of our students-turned-success-stories. These inspirational journeys are a testament to the potential within each individual and the transformative power of quality education. As we continue to nurture the next generation of IT professionals, we remain committed to empowering dreams, shaping futures, and driving innovation in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Are you ready to begin your own success story? Join us at ⋮IWEC, where possibilities are limitless, and the journey to success starts with a single step! Together, let’s create a world where talents are honed, aspirations realized, and lives changed through the magic of IT education.

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