The Success Story of Vladimir Ognenovski at ⋮IWEC

February 15, 2023
 | 3 min

We are proud to create success stories every course at a time. One such story is Vladimir who attended our training in Modern Management Methods and got employed after it. Read how his commitment to growth, persistence and desire to evolve got him a job in the IT industry.

You were working in the retail sector, why did you decide to switch careers?

I have always worked as a project coordinator and facilitator with customers, although in a different industry. When I started reading about new project management techniques, it was mostly my “agile” mindset that moved me into the IT industry. I concluded that this is the path I want to pursue my career after learning more about agile approaches.

How did you end up choosing ⋮IWEC?

⋮IWEC was my first choice because it provides excellent opportunities for professional growth. The experts, strategy, and focus on knowledge sharing are outstanding. I heard many positive experiences from friends, so it was only a logical choice.

Did you get the guidance you needed during the course? 

Yes, and much more than guidance. To overcome the challenges and difficulties we encountered. We received a significant amount of support. Each session was carefully planned so we can understand the materials and overcome the lessons with ease.

You got employed at ⋮IWConnect almost a year ago. Do you think that the course helped you get the job?

The course gave me a lot of benefits. I’ve gained a lot of useful knowledge from the program that has helped me in my career. The training’s inclusion of actual events, situations, and scenarios aided me in my day-to-day tasks. That made a big impact and enabled me to grow up to the level required for the position.

What advice would you give to people considering changing their career?

You should make a significant step and amazing things will happen if your long-term goal is to work in a sector with plenty of chances, if you are fascinated by the technology that is transforming the world, and if you want to be surrounded by people who value your dedication to hard work.

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