The Importance of English language in Technology Careers

February 24, 2023
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English language is making communication across people from different cultures and countries much easier knowing that is the lingua franca in this globalized world.

It is a standard mode of communication in the global business and its impact is very big. In the ever-evolving technology industry, the employees must be able to communicate fluently with people from different countries and that can help them yield higher productivity, efficiency and more accomplished goals. Also, in order to grow professionally in the IT industry, employees should be well versed with not only the technical rules but also the English language.

Why is English a minimum requirement for a starting step in IT industry and very important part in the career of an IT professionals?

1.Multinational Engagement

Most of the IT companies collaborate with clients located all over the world and all of them use the English language as their medium of communication. This is the reason why English is called the global language, because is used all over the world as a standard way of communication. As an IT professional you may be required to visit clients your company works with located in different locations and a productive communication can be achieved only if you use and know English language on a required level.

2. Software

For using even the basic Microsoft Word you need to know the English language properly. IT Technical Consultants communicate on a daily basis with clients, daily meetings presenting their work. You can have the needed technical skills and expertise but you have to liaise with the clients, being first point of contact and providing guidance and advice for the duration of any project. Clients will not get attracted to inaccurate English language, thus, technical knowledge is alone insufficient for you to make a mark in an IT career and prosper.

3. Career Advancement

To start and advance in your IT career, you need to be able to make presentations, speak, communicate with clients and perform other related functions with your job position. All these responsibilities require good assistance of English because degrees are not enough any longer. You need to be confident in your delivery of english conversations to put forth your ideas and opinions and impress the higher management. That will result making an impact, and always to be the first choice by selecting you in their top projects, activities and positions. IT Technical Consultants should be good communicators with an ability to quickly understand and solve business problems.

4. Interviews

When you decide that you need to change you work environment and the company, you have to have in mind that without excellent English, you will not be able to negotiate for better job position or for a higher salary. If your English skills are on a high level, getting a great and well-paid job will not be a problem. You can easily tackle with difficult interview questions like stating your expectations, describing your previous job experience, your expectations etc. In one word with good English skills you can present yourself on a way that the company will be convinced that you are the right person for the job position.

5. Networking

As It Technical Consultant your social skills should be great and you should be very confident when interacting with others. Good English communication skills will make it possible for you to have excellent social skills and you will be connoisseur of everyone’s eyes at meetings, social meets and gatherings.

The importance of English language is in order to facilitate better communication and workplace efficiency across geographically diverse offices and business endeavors.

You may be on an expert level technically, but you need to consistently learn and practice reading, listening and writing English for maintaining your knowledge and standards. The choice is yours for fulfilling your goals and dreams!

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