Why are summer camps essential for children’s development?

May 17, 2023
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Summer is a season that is associated with outdoor activities, less school, and, unfortunately, nowadays, more screen time. Children often spend their free days from school playing video games or watching television. But is that the best and most productive way for them to spend the summer? It certainly isn’t.

If we recall our own summer breaks, they were long carefree days filled with joy. However, as parents, things become more complex. We have mixed feelings regarding childcare during the summer because most of us are working. Dealing with our children being bored can also be challenging.

There are many things that can entertain children during the summer break, but one of the best options is summer camp. Summer camps provide a fun way to spend the holiday and offer numerous benefits for children’s development. Although every child is unique, a summer camp helps children develop social, cognitive, and emotional skills.

But how specifically can a summer camp help your child’s development? Here are some of the critical benefits of summer camps that can enhance your children’s growth:

Developing Lifelong Skills: Children participate in various group activities when they join a summer camp. These activities can include beach volleyball, basketball, or other similar disciplines that help children learn how to work in teams, solve problems, and communicate with others. If a child is given the opportunity to lead a team, it can develop their leadership skills. Communication skills are also fostered when children are involved in organizing chores. Decision-making comes into play when they face challenges as a team and try to overcome obstacles, such as setting up a tent. All these skills are essential and are also taught in school, but in an informal camp environment, the learning curve is shorter, and the skills acquired tend to last longer.

Independence and Resilience: When children go to summer camp, they spend time away from their parents. This independent time is significant because it helps children develop their identity. Children who attend camps learn to rely on themselves, explore their interests, and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Camps provide the perfect environment for children to make decisions independently and develop resilience. Resilience is an essential life skill that helps children learn to pick themselves up after they fall. For instance, they may lose their first basketball game but understand that with practice and focus, they can improve and succeed.

Teamwork: Being part of a camp prepares children to work in teams. No matter what type of camp they attend, teamwork is required. Teamwork is one of the most essential life skills that positively impact children’s development. Communication, emotional, and leadership skills are all developed through teamwork. Children must understand that collaborating with others is a powerful way to achieve goals. For example, winning a basketball game is not an individual process, so the sooner they learn the power of teamwork, the better.

Screen-Free Time: Children now spend more time on their tablets, phones, or in front of televisions than ever before. Finding ways to keep them entertained away from screens can be challenging. Summer camp provides the perfect solution. Among all the activities involved in summer camp, children will have less time to spend in front of screens. Spending time in nature, staying active, and participating in various activities reduces the time spent playing on phones or tablets. Engaging a child’s mind beyond the screen is priceless.

Growth: The intellectual engagement in camps helps children grow and step out of their comfort zones. Firstly, they experience being away from their parents, which allows them to rely on themselves. Additionally, they engage in various activities and find themselves in situations where they must compromise, grow, and adapt to different conditions. By acquiring new skills in a safe environment with a structured routine, children experience personal growth and learn responsibility.

Although summer camps offer numerous benefits, deciding to enroll your child in a camp requires effort. Specific research needs to be done before deciding. Summer camps can vary from sports camps to camps that include learning activities such as arts or programming. Every child is different, so it is essential to choose a camp that suits the needs and interests of your child. Finding a camp that combines fun, sports, and learning can be the ideal combination. Start by deciding on the type of camp you want, then find a suitable organizer. When researching camps, it is crucial to find a company with a reputable tradition of organizing camps.

Last but not least, there is always the concern that your child might experience homesickness. While this can happen, you can lower the chances by arranging for your child to have sleepovers with grandparents or friends before attending the camp. Summer camps are generally fun, and children often forget about being homesick once they are immersed in the camp experience.

⋮IWEC, known for its tradition of organizing children’s summer camps, is offering three different camps this year for those who love mountains, lakes, and the sea. The combination of nature and programming has been proven successful in previous years. Do you want your child to have a summer to remember? Do you want to reduce their screen time?

Then look no further. Enroll your child in one of our summer camps!

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